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Belle Lurette -
Ordinary & extraordinary stories

      Belle Lurette is a project that provides portraits of those who were there before us. It is a present for future generations, as we want them to be remembered.

      I were determined to build a brand identity that would be a crossroad between 60/70s magazine's ad and high quality photographs that new technologies provides us.

      It was also important to create an atmosphere. I wanted to provide to listeners a feeling of a “softness” and “comfortable” moment. Like a Sunday afternoon spending listening to our grandparent's stories.


Production / Hosting

Brand Identity & Art direction

Tone of voice

Belle Lurette-25.png

      These are privileged moments that I spent with people who trust me by sharing there ordinary and extraordinary stories.

I have always been aware that our accomplishments are not solely the result of our experiences. 

      Have personnally received so much advice and I am convinced by the importance to remember the paths of previous generations. 

      Because our lives are governed by their history.

In order to build your own path. Let's be amazed by listening to their anecdotes and their life lessons. 


      The colors palette is diversified of soft colors, with faded hues, revealing the values I aim to bring into Belle Lurette's project.

      As a nod to the past typography, I decided to choice two of them, the "Belle" is using an italic handwriting typography, adding a touch of elegance and poetry to the "Lurette", written in capital letters, which is rooted in reality.

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