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Relais du Bien-Être -
Stays on for yourself

      Relais du Bien-être create personalized stays on a human scale in historic residences. They offer stays around different themes for people who need to be accompanied in different stages of their life. Among them, stays to overcome the main hardships of life: bereavement, illness, difficulty in the world of work…


Brand Identity & Art direction

Printing collateral

Principal_sans baseline_vert.png

      Relying on these 4 values of excellence: quality accommodation, tailor-made catering, empathetic welcome, personalized stay, Relais du Bien-être wishes an high-end and elegant image as well as accessible.

      I opted for the traditional look of the emblems to keep the idea of elegance. In the same way that a journey marks a life path and makes us grow, this logo is often used as a stamp that we will put on a passport. Relais du Bien-être is a step. 

      The logos containing an illustration being a customer request, we imagined a bird taking flight. Because nature takes an important place during these stays, it's wing is similar to a leaf.


      Unique and refined, the Bigilla typography is in keeping with the exceptional service offered. It was slightly modified to make it more approachable while retaining the enveloping and reassuring side of its curves.

      A range of colors was imagined. In order to accompany the green chosen by the customer, I imagined a comforting and very human range. Beige and pink complement each other. They bring softness, it is the color of care, relaxation and reconnection to the human. To represent the exceptional and the top-of-the-range, gold was obvious.

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